I doubted for a long time before getting into architecture, although for two years I have affirmes that this degree was clearly what i wanted. I havent stopped thinking if this is what i should do because i dont think this career is made for me or defines me.Buildings have not ilusionated me since i was a child unlike many other people, so if i am here is just because i want to learn how to see construction and i want to learn how to do it

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Among all architects, without the slightest doubt the architect that I am most passionate about is Ricardo Bofill. Like most people, I met him through the Red Wall, I love that building but when I discovered his work, I was sad that he has such wonderful works and that they go so unnoticed by the people I know. I’ve only had a chance to see Xanadu and the Red Wall but I’m planning to go to the Walden 7. But my favorite project is the Casa de Verano, because even if it’s a small one, it shows his style perfectly.

According to my spotify:

This year I have been obsessed with “Contento” by Frah Quintale, an Italian singer that I love.

(other very good songs of his are “Due ali” and “Amarena”)

For those who like Italian music of that kind, Gazzelle, Labadessa and Bellettini are very good options.