As I said in my about me, my favorite architect is Ricardo Bofill and I want to show why.


I was very surprised by his three initial projects of apartment blocks in Barcelona (Bach 28, Bach 4 and Nicaraua) since I see little relationship with the style of his later works, even though they seem like buildings that would not stand out too much in a city, I love the details and the good taste that I see reflected in them.


Now I’m going to focus on my favorite period, when he built buildings like Kafca’s Castle, Gaudí District, Xanadú, Meritxell Sanctuary, La Muralla Roja, Wallden 7, Casa de Verano and La Fábrica. These works explain to me the genius of architecture, that just thinking about and seeing those buildings gives you goose bumps and you have to make an effort to understand how someone has come to design this.

I prefer not to talk about his projects such as Madrid Congress Center, Camp Nou or the Therminal 1 of the Barcelona airport since I do not recognize anything of the essence of Bofill there.

I have seen wonderful buildings all over the place, but to this day no one has impressed me the way Bofill has. When I first heard him speak in an interview I did not like his arrogance and lack of humility that I have seen in other architects like Norman Foster and I learned to love his work by separating it from the architect who designed it.