It’s a library of Gandia, the biggest one, located in the building of the old Sant Roc Convent in Plaza Jaime I. For me there’s enough people for don’t feel intimidated or unconfortable , but with a familiar athmosphere that gives you the oportunity to get to know the amazing librarians.

I studied the best places to study in the three floors, the favorite of the majority and mine was the second one, in which you can see what are doing people of the first floor.

In the third one basicly were studiants of high school and who were preparing opositions, in that floor there weren’t soo much interesting books because it was focused on welcoming as many studients as possible (most of the books were in other lenguages).
The second floor, apart from having ,from my point of view, the best views, also have the most beauty distribution and the best books. I used to be in the chairs at the entrance that face the park since the tables are very big and i love to see the trees and the typical buildings of the center of Gandia. But if I go with my electric scooter I prefer to go to the last room, where there are the architecture and fine arts books.

As it’s situated in the center of the city, you can do beatiful walks through the alleys and the best shops around. Just with a break of 30 minutes you can go to Cygnus coffe shop and stroll with an iced latte across the entrance bridges or browse the Ambra bookstore and the vinyl store.

Going back to the library, there used to be two librarians in the entrance that help you if you need something, further on there’s the child’s room and on the right, in front of the courtyard there’s a magazine room that is always full of retrirees (there I read each month the AD magazine). Up stairs there’s the first floor, it’s specialized in narrative books and at the end there’s also a conference room (when the library is full it’s open for study) and a a library room for movies and music dvds where you can study.

I choose this place for how special is for me and for all that it had help me to study surrounded by people who encouraged me to don’t give up. I whish to transmit with this text how beauty is architecturally and internally this library as it has wonderful people working and striving every day to make it work. For me it’s important to feel comfortable and to stay in a clean and orderly environment for stdy, but above all I love to be in an environment as unique as the one that libraries have. I don’t know if it is because I have come to idealize this library, but I don’t know any disruptive element.And finally, I believe that the mood of the people and the purpose they have directly influences the atmosphere of the place.


The way he write seems to me of the way Joan Fuster had to write, in the form of an essay. With that fake humility. That nine points of a building’s athmosphere are so great writed but as I see it, each one feel a space in a so deeply way that of course can be modificated with the right use of the space but nothing can make everyone feel the same in a space. To put an example of that, the scenary of the TV show “Coraje, El Perro Cobarde” is specialy made for make people feel claustrophobic but as I believe if you saw that show with grate company or in a moment of you live in wich you were so happy, then when you see that image, you won’t have as much bad feeling as someone which see that space for first time.The place that he describes reminds me the athmosphere of the church of Son Carrio (Mallorca) and I think is a big truth that is so difficult to create a silence space nowadays and we have to give more value to spaces as churches of hundreds years ago for what amazings athmospheres have and how can they make us feel.